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It’s time for disclaimers on electioneering digital ads.

Posted by on November 6, 2017

For years digital media has been exempt from the FEC laws that require TV, cable and radio to include “paid for by” disclaimers on all political non-candidate sponsored advertising. And, for non-candidate sponsored ad campaigns to run any ads...

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Mentzer Media Services has been helping clients win elections and campaigns through targeted media buys since 1991.

About Us

Experts at zeroing in on the prime audiences, the exact markets, identifying the most effective media, and locking in at the right moment, Mentzer Media has a combined 82 years of political media buying experience. Having worked together for almost 20 years, the principals of Mentzer Media are a well-oiled machine with seamless communication and universal commitment to results. Mentzer Media has worked on thousands of media campaigns, in every state multiple times, placing over $1 billion in media buys to date. Capture the attention of those who count: Make Mentzer Media an integral part of your targeting strategy team.


Audience Targeting

Gone are the days of swearing by only Nielsen quantitative demographic ratings. Today we are able to utilize hordes of additional qualitative data for media targeting. We can even create custom ratings for your exact client/voter list by matching it with second-by-second set-top box TV/cable viewing data, along with other data resources to obtain an audience targeting metric that is specific to your campaign and your exact target audience. This high quality data gives any campaign a serious leg up in placing the most efficient and effective media buy possible.

Competitive Analysis

Our dedicated competitive team never stops collecting and analyzing both your opponent's and allies' media schedules to provide you with the fastest, most complete and accurate summary of what's going on in your media orbit. Electronic services report days later, and only count spots. We go further to give you a campaign-customized meticulous picture of exact spending, schedule weight, head-to-head analysis, and all before your opponents start their schedules.

Rate Negotiation

Long term media relationships and industry know-how, coupled with the best audience data available, enables Mentzer Media to pit the media outlets against each other to secure the lowest possible rates. For candidates, placing all buys at lowest unit rate ensures no one runs for less. We continuously monitor all schedules daily to make sure your ads are running when and where they are supposed to.

Media Reconciliation

No one does a more detailed complete campaign media buy reconciliation than Mentzer Media. We electronically and manually pour over thousands of media outlet post-run proof-of-performance reports to hold media outlets fully accountable for any credits due for missed spots, late runs or traffic errors. Not surprisingly, 99% of our media schedules run as ordered, because they know Mentzer Media is meticulous in watching schedules.


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